Dining out

Close to the bungalow there are a few great possibilities.

At the end of the Grensweg is the Catharina Hoeve. Come early; it is often crowded.
This is because it is located on the cycle route to the boat.

If the weather is very nice; Paal 17 which is just past Ecomare. Situated on the beach, with a super-view.

We ourselves have never eaten here but from "hearsay": it is also very good; Paal 15.
Within walking distance from our home.

And what we think is a super location; Kaap Noord, also called Paal 33.
Right in the northern tip of Texel, and with a splendid view over Vlieland.

From our own experience we know that the fish at Paal 12 is sometimes caught by the owner himself.
So really fresh.
Click the link to Jan Ayeslag beach post 12.